Implementation of sub-measure 19.1 Support for preparatory activities

LAG Kostenets 2010 was approved for the implementation of sub-measure 19.1 „Support for preparatory activities” of measure 19 „Community-led rural development“ of the Rural development programme 2014 – 2020.

The LAG signed  a contract № RD 50 – 153 of 7th December 2015  with the Ministry of agriculture and food and State Fund Agriculture – Paying Agency (SFA-PA) for a financial subsidy of 48 745,75 BGN. The grant is provided for activities supporting the local community in the implementation of the CLLD approach during the programme period 2014 – 2020 includng trainings of local interested parties, studies and analyses of the territory, for drafting a CLLD Strategy and for process coordination. The deadline for contract implementation is 7th June 2016.