Local Action Group Kostenets 2010

Structure and management "LAG Kostenets 2010"

According to the statute of the NGO "LAG KOSTENETS 2010" the management and representation of the Association are the General Assembly, Managing Board with a Chairman and the Supervisory Board.
The Managing Board consists of 5 persons - members of the Association, elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years and includes two representatives of the Municipality Kostenets and three representatives of the local business and community.
The Supervisory Board consists of 5 people.
The team of "LAG Kostenets 2010" includes four members elected by the Managing Board and approved by the Managing Authority of the Rural Development Programme - Ministry of Agriculture and Food: executive director, an expert on Strategy implementation, an accountant and a technical assistant.


The main aim of the strategy for local development and "LAG Kostenets 2010" is to improve the quality of life on the territory of the Kostenets municipality. The priorities and specific objectives of the strategy for local development and the LAG are as follows:

Priority 1: Increasing the competitiveness of agriculture and food processing enterprises with respect to environment;

Specific Objective 1.1: Promoting the development of organic farming and production of organic products;
Specific Objective 1.2: Improving conservation of forest resources;

Priority 2: Increasing employment and income in tourism and other non-agricultural activities

Specific Objective 2.1: Encouraging the development of alternative forms of tourism ;
Specific Objective 2.2 : Promoting non-agricultural entrepreneurship;

Priority 3 : Improving the living environment and conditions of economic activity ;

Specific Objective 3.1 : Improving the access to services, including social, cultural, sports, tourism ;
Specific Objective 3.2: Enriching the living environment in the settlements.


Measures of the National Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, included in the Strategy for Local Development according to which LAG provided financial grants in the period 2013-2014 are:

123: Adding value to agricultural and forestry products
226: Restoring forestry potential and introducing preventive actions
311: Diversification into non-agricultural activities
312: Support for setting-up and development of micro-enterprises
321: Basic services for the population and the economy in the rural areas
322: Renewal and development of the settlements


Executive director

+359 886 888 385 

Chairman of the board - Aneta Kirova

+359 886 040 495


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Borovets street N°13

Kostenets 2030



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