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Kostenets municipality is located at South-West Bulgaria, Sofia district, at the foot of 2 mountains – Rila and Ihtimanska Sredna Gora. The Sofia-Plovdiv-Svilengrad railway line traverses the area of Kostenets municipality. The municipality is located between two of the biggest cities in Bulgaria - Sofia ( 74 km away) and Plovdiv ( 80 km away), and one can reach them following Thrace highway.

The area of Kostenets municipality is around 301,75 sq. km. The sea level of the settlements vary from 550 to 700 m and in the mountain regions reach 2638 m (Ravni chal peak). Second by height in the region is Belmeken peak (2626 m).The area is crossed by the upper stream of the biggest river in Bulgaria – Maritsa. The farming land is 40% and the forest land is 55% from all the municipality area. In its boundaries are included parts of Rila National Park and Ibar reserve where one can find various protected plant and animal species. In the municipality are three mineral springs – in the resorts of Momin prohod, Vili Kostenets and Pchelinski bani famous from ancient times with their healing qualities.


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Chairman of the board - Aneta Kirova

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