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Kostenets is a region of rich history where different cultures crossed their ways. Many archeological remains of antiquity are saved from the Roman period and the Middle Ages, a number of these still not investigated. The "Trayanovi vrata" (Trayan's Gates) fortress is a memorial of national importance located 60 km South from Sofia and 15 km from Kostenets town. The fortress is a memorial from the Roman period and later from the Middle Ages. At "Trayanovi vrata" passage the Bulgarian king Samuil has defeated the army of the Byzantine Emperior Vasilii II in 986.

The Kostenets waterfall is located in the region, the natural landmark Golashka cave and many other protected areas too. Vili Kostenets resort is the starting point for tourist hiking to "Gurgulitsa" hunt, "Belmeken" hunt, "Musala" peak , "Zavrachita" peak, "Maliovitza" peak and "Marichinite" lakes.
The municipality has 5 cultural centers with libraries and long-term experience and traditions in working with the population for supporting local traditions. They have different clubs as Children Folklore Dance Groups, Modern Dance Ballet, Music School, Painting School, "Old City Songs" group, Children Theater workshop and craftsman workshop.

Many traditions and crafts have been preserved. Traditional folklore fests are held annually in February or March: Festival of mummers in Momin Prohod and the village of Gorna Vasilitsa; Fest of Gergiovden (St. George's day) in the area of Krustite – village Kostenets; countrymen fest in village Pchelin; fests of the temples in the municipality. In the craftsman workshop at the community center in town Momin Prohod there are demonstrations of traditional skills and activities for those who want to learn how to knit belts, bags, slippers and weave. In the village of Kostenets the following activities have been maintained and demonstrated: craftsmans knive making, carving, decorating and painting Easter eggs with wax, etc.

The development of tourism is one of the most successful ways to support and stimulate the economic development and to improve the quality of life in the municipality. Prerequisites for the development of tourism are the hot mineral water springs, modernised and newly built hotels, balneosanatoriums and guest houses, offering SPA and wellness services, balneotourism, hunting and other modern tourist and sport services.


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